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our vision

Honokea is committed to establishing and operating a network of environmentally conscious mixed-use commercial/residential/recreational developments. Essential to Honokea’s operations is a focus on Hawaiian Cultural traditions and a blend of first class sporting experiences in order to inspire health and strengthen communities.

Honokea’s vision is to set a new standard for outdoor attractions that are more engaging, inspiring, and multi-generational. This vision is rooted in Hawaiʻi’s history of discovery and innovation.

Hawaiʻi has created sports such as surfing, paddling and beach volleyball; techniques in navigation, water rescue, and sustainability; along with a culture of sharing Hawaiʻi’s unique food, fashion, language, and music that is the basis for global contemporary hospitality: the opportunity to experience living with great connections to place, to culture, and to each other. Honokea is guided by the Hawaiian values that Brian Keaulana, and his father, Buffalo, have come to represent, adding an unmatched level of authenticity to the team's vision.

Co-founded by world-renowned waterman and ocean safety expert Brian Keaulana and entrepreneur Keno Knieriem, Honokea’s project team members are all keiki o ka ʻāina - from Hawaiʻi.

"We are all connected by water."

- Brian Keaulana, Honokea Co-founder & President


Statement from Brian Keaulana, Professional Waterman and Owner of Honokea West

"The following statement is in response to opposition towards the progress being made for Honokea West: As a descendant of generations of Native Hawaiian surfers and watermen, I am disappointed by the misguided accusations being levied against Honokea West. This project is motivated by my ʻohana’s love for the ‘āina, kai and our people. Honokea West will integrate Hawaiian values into every aspect of our guest experience and will share our surfing traditions and values."

We are aware of our island’s water concerns and will be integrating conservation into our operations.The project site in Kalaeloa has been in disrepair for decades. We’ve met with a number of Hawaiian cultural advisors and conducted extensive archaeological and environmental studies to ensure that we protect and mālama the site. We will mālama the area and cultivate the parcel into a center of cultural and recreational excellence where all feel welcomed and safe - especially disadvantaged youth and those with disabilities. Additionally, Honokea West will lead a life saving training program to ensure that future generations carry on the Hawaiian Lifesaving Legacy as watermen and waterwomen. For far too long, surfing has made advancements on the backs of our Hawaiian culture. Honokea West will expand the world’s understanding about surfing and reinforce the inextricable tie between surfing and Hawaiian culture and values.
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